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 Most of the European universities well funded they do have international research centers i.e. the reason they are noble prize winners. So, if you like to apply for PhD in these universities you must have good academic record, international publication and 1-2 years of research experience as an advantage.
Most of the universities is providing for the fellowships. Fellowships will be started around 1000-2000 Euros per month. Some of the European countries will take you the employee of the universities like Netherlands they will pay you scale-4 salary.
SCHOLARSHIP Since most of the students are aware that higher education in Europe would have greater job prospects and open wider horizons for them, they are also burdened with the fact that it is very costly and next to unaffordable. Hence they try for the various scholarships offered by European universities in the admission tests that they conduct for enrolment of abroad students.
 Several scholarships is available in several European countries like Germany provide for you the DAAD scholarships, Indo-German scholarships, In France you have campus French scholarships and international fellowships . Finland also provides international scholarships, Norway will provide to you Asian quo


 Most of the European countries having their own languages but instructions in universities are absolutely in English whereas some universities might teach you local language as well. Students should be careful to apply for 100% English instruction courses in this regard no need to learn the local language and if you learn it .It will be helpful for you to gain some part time jobs over there and even it is helpful in internship program too.

 Students should have good academic background.
 If you are looking forward to apply for the European universities you have to be careful enough with the application date. Most of the European countries will take your very early applications. For ex- if you like to apply for the 2013 Aug intake you should apply this year November and December and Jan 15th is the final deadline. 50% of European universities will close down their admission dates like (Norway, Finland, Sweden, German, France) rest of the universities are open upto March-April.
Whereas some of the universities take first come first serve basis. Some of the European union’s will close Asian quote also.
 The students who are pursuing their final year can also apply without GRE, TOEFL; IELTS once you get this course later on you can submit it to universities. Some of the European universities is not mandatory for TOEFL, GRE, IELTS

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