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                       COLLEGE OF NEW CALEDONIA

Nestled in the heart of Prince George, the College of New Caledonia has played an important role in training and educating residents in northern B.C. since 1969.

Programs and courses

CNC offers more than 50 programs in health sciences, trades and technologies, social services, business and university studies and is an integral part of what makes Prince George a great place to live and learn.

CNC provides affordable tuition, practical, hands-on learning and no more than 37 students in a class, which makes it easier for students to achieve their goals. In as little as 10 months, students can acquire the skills they need for a long-lasting, stable and successful career.

Our health sciences programs continuously train qualified professionals, such as nurses, medical laboratory and medical radiography technicians and dental hygienists and assistants.


Trades training

CNC constructed two new trades and technology centres at its Prince George and Quesnel campuses in 2011, worth more than $30 million. CNC provides Red Seal trades training in welding, machinist, millwright, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, heavy duty mechanics, autobody, power engineering, professional cook and more.

CNC university studies students can easily take advantage of 15 agreements with 10 universities in B.C., Alberta and elsewhere, allowing them to easily transfer into the third year of degree programs.

Living and learning in Prince George

CNC’s main campus in Prince George is within walking distance of great restaurants, Pine Centre Mall, northern B.C.’s largest shopping mall and a variety of recreational facilities such as CN Centre arena and the Prince George Aquatic Centre.

Prince George is BC’s northern capital and an active and friendly city of more than 80,000 people. It’s complemented by an excellent public transit system and an international airport. It’s just a one-hour flight to Vancouver on West Jet or Air Canada or a four-hour drive to the Rocky Mountains.

"The College of New Caledonia, as a comprehensive college, provides access to lifelong learning and facilitates the achievement of personal and educational goals. We are responsive to the diverse needs of our students, our employees, and the communities in our region. In the dynamic, consultative environment, we deliver quality programs and promote the success of every student."
- Our mission statement

The CNC Gathering Place

The Gathering Place was officially openedThursday, March 21, 2013. A ceremony was held to honour and acknowledge the First Nations and Metis Nation that CNC serves.

The event featured Aboriginal elders, speakers, dancers, singers and drummers, as well as Aboriginal art, crafts, and displays.

1 year anniversary

The first year anniversary was celebrated March 25 to 27, 2014. Visitors to the Gathering Place learned traditional practices from local Elders.

Coat of Arms

The College received its Coat of Arms in an historic joint ceremony with the City of Prince George in 1996.

Coats of Arms are grants of honour from the Crown. Symbols used in the design represent unique features of the College and its region. Elements from an earlier College "crest" form an important part of this new design.

Shield of Arms
: The "Y" in the Shield represents the confluence of the Fraser and Nechako Rivers at Prince George, where the College was first established. On the "Y" are five Cross Crosslets, taken from the Coat of Arms of Simon Fraser - the explorer who gave the region its early name of New Caledonia, later adopted by the College. The number Five honours the original School Districts which helped to establish the College and also represents the five main campuses of the College today. At the top of the Shield is an Open Book, a traditional symbol of learning.

Crest (above the shield): A closed Helmet means the wearer is "ready for battle." Above the Helmet is a gold Coronet or crown, a link to the royally named City of Prince George. The Coronet is rimmed with Pine Cones, representing the forests of the region. At the top is a Beaver, an animal associated with diligence and in an historical context, symbolic of the early fur trade of the region and its native heritage.

On either side of the Shield are Supporters, chosen from animals indigenous to the region. On the left is a Bear wearing a blue collar and pendant disc on which is displayed a Pair of Dividers, representing Design and Technical Studies. On the right is a Fox, wearing a disc on which is displayed a Lamp of Learning.

College Colours: Blue ("loyalty and achievement") and Gold("prosperity").

Motto: "Toujours la Verite" (The truth always). The motto is in French, in recognition of the bilingual nature of our country.

Badge and Flag: Both the Badge and Flag have a Cross Crosslet, taken from the Shield. The Cross Crosslet is surrounded by a golden sun or Sun in Splendor. This represents the light of learning. It also associates the College with the Province of British Columbia, which has a Sun in Splendor on its Coat of Arms.