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                                      COLUMBIA COLLEGE

Founded in 1900, the Summer Sessions at Columbia University are one of the longest-running summer programs in the country, with courses taught by the world-renowned faculty of New York City's only Ivy League institution. A wide range of undergraduate-level and graduate-level courses, certifications, and programs in over 50 areas of study are available for students who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Our academic advisors will help you select or customize a program that meets your academic and professional goals.

Classes are held on Columbia’s beautiful campus in the Morningside Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, and as a student, you will gain access to all campus facilities, including one of the largest academic library systems in the country, computer labs, the gym and fitness center, as well as numerous nearby cafés and lounges.

Below we list several program options, but please return here to review your application requirements to ensure you submit all appropriate documents. On the application itself, you will be asked to select a student category. Adults & Professionals should select Postbaccalaureate Studies. Visiting Students should select the appropriate category.

On-Campus Accommodations

For high priority on the list of University housing, you must complete an application for admission and a separate application for housing and submit them at the same time. Rooms will be assigned on a rolling basis until all available rooms are filled. You may apply for housing in advance of registration for summer courses, but you will not be permitted to remain in campus housing if you do not register for classes or withdraw from the program. Applications must be submitted online. Full payment must be made by credit card upon application submission.

Students attending the summer sessions prior to the start of their undergraduate studies are not eligible for student housing.

Application Processing Fee
-$50 non-refundable application processing fee prior to April 15
-$100 non-refundable application processing fee after April




Session 1 (D) (May 25–July 3)



Session 2 (Q) (July 5–August 14)



Session 1 & 2 (X) (May 25–August 14)



Interim Session (July 3–July 5)




Graduate and Undergraduate Visiting Students


per point rate

Postbaccalaureate Studies and Summer Certificates


flat rate for 3 points


per point rate for 4 or more points

Special Course-Specific Rates

Arabic Language Courses


per course

Hindi-Urdu Language Courses


per course

Russian Language Courses


per course


This listing is intended to summarize possible charges that could be incurred against a student's account. Certain charges depend upon specific circumstances, as noted. Fees that are not billed to the student account, such as course fees or placement test fees, may be required but are not listed here.

Application Fee



Student Activities Fee


per term

University Facilities Fee*

Full-time students


per term

Part-time students


per term

Student Technology Fee


per term

Transcript Fee
For all new students


one time

Withdrawal Fee
Required of any student who drops all courses for which he or she has registered


Late Registration Fees

During late registration period


After late registration period


International Services Charge
Required of all international students


per term

* University Facilities Fee — Students are required to pay a University Facilities Fee depending on their registration. Full-time students are those registered for 12 or more points in all summer sessions. This fee is not assessed to undergraduate students who are charged the Student Life Fee, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences students who are registered for Matriculation and Facilities, American Language Program students, School of Continuing Education Summer Program for High School Students, or students in a course of study away from the University, where applicable. This fee is subject to Board of Trustee approval and may change.

Health Service Fee

Students who were enrolled in the Health Service Program during the spring term are automatically covered through the last day of summer sessions. All other students may elect to pay the Health Services Fee for summer coverage..