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                                          MACEWAN COLLEGE

Founded in 1971, MacEwan University provides student-focused instruction in a warm and supportive atmosphere. We focus on teaching, so our students can focus on learning. It’s been a cornerstone of who we are for more than 40 years. And we continue to build on that reputation.

Our offerings

Offering more than 65 programs, the university provides a transformative education in a collaborative and supportive learning environment. Creativity thrives here through research and innovation that engages students, faculty and the community. 

Student satisfaction

MacEwan University has an intentional focus on teaching and as a result has scored very well in the Globe and Mail's Canadian University Report. In the 2014 Report, our students gave us top marks – awarding us “A+” grades for our instructors' teaching style and our class sizes, along with “A” grades for the quality of our teaching and student-faculty interaction.


Our Identity

MacEwan University is dedicated to providing students with a transformative, academically rigorous personal learning experience in a creative, collaborative and supportive learning environment. Our comprehensive range of credential and program offerings is built on the academic foundation of undergraduate degrees. While diploma and certificate programs are also offered at the undergraduate university level, they facilitate bridging to or from degree programs. This is one of the many features that set our university apart and provide students diverse pathways to achievement and growth.

Our Campus

In 2009, the Board of Governors of MacEwan University put forward a plan to consolidate the university's operations onto the downtown City Centre Campus. In accordance with that plan, South Campus operations were moved to City Centre Campus in 2014 and construction began on a new Centre for Arts and Culture in November 2015. This building will provide a new home for the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications, which currently is housed on our west-end campus.

Our Future

The university's Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP) outlines the university's strategic directions, goals and aspirations for the five-year period from 2014/15 to 2018/19. Focusing on three core areas, the ISP outlines how the university will create a unique academic environment, engage with local communities, and uphold a standard of institutional excellence. This document, guided by the commitments found in our University Pillars, is instrumental in developing our operational plans and informing our annual budget process.


The university functions under the authority of the Postsecondary Learning Act and operates under a shared governance structure between the Board of Governors (Board) and the Academic Governance Council (AGC).

Although the Board has the ultimate authority, the Board and AGC share and balance power within the university. The Board has senior oversight of the institution and concerns itself with long-range planning and business affairs. Academic Governance Council is responsible for the academic affairs of the University.

Senior Leadership

MacEwan University's leadership is responsible for inspiring students, staff and faculty while providing an innovative and exciting learning environment. The President works together with a group of senior leaders to ensure the University fulfills its mandate. The President, along with five vice-presidents, are responsible for managing the educational and business affairs with the best interests of the university in mind.



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