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As a campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland, the Fisheries and Marine Institute is Canada’s most comprehensive centre for education, training, applied research and industrial support for the ocean industries.

Located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, we are one of the most respected centres of marine learning and applied research in the world.

The Marine Institute provides more than 20 industry-driven programs ranging from technical certificates to master’s degrees. In addition to undergraduate and graduate degrees, the Institute offers advanced diplomas, diplomas of technology and technical certificates.

Students enjoy a learning environment where small class sizes are the rule, hands on instruction is a way of life and competition tuition rates put an internationally-recognized education well within reach.

The Institute also runs a variety of short courses and industrial response programs.  All programs and courses are designed to provide students with knowledge and skills required for success in the workforce.

The Institute has three Schools – the School of Fisheries, the School of Maritime Studies and the School of Ocean Technology - and within these Schools a number of specialized centres and units.

These centres and units lead the Institute, both nationally and internationally, in applied research and technology transfer and in the provision of training to a variety of industry clients.


It's time to start picturing your future

Welcome to the Marine Institute. We're a world-leading centre for ocean-related career education and research.

At MI, you can expect a hands-on experience that prepares you for the career of a lifetime.

Save the world? We'll get you on track to become a guardian of the world's waterways and coastal zones.

See the world? Start here and prepare for a life aboard a ship as a captain or marine engineer.

We'll take you to the bottom of the ocean and above the Arctic Circle. Piloting remotely operated vehicles - the only program of its kind in Canada - is just one of the things we teach.

Step inside our marine simulator and you're onboard ships anywhere in the world.

A cutting-edge education from Marine Institute is one of the most affordable in Canada and gives you credentials that are recognized around the globe.

Learn here and watch a world of opportunities open up.

MI International Welcomes You!

MI International is your connection for international student services at the Marine Institute. We work closely with Memorial University’s International Student Advising Office (ISA) to provide language support programs, housing and employment assistance – from application to graduation!

International student services and transition support are provided on the Marine Institute campus in a close partnership between MI International and Student Affairs. Linkages are also made to Memorial University'sInternational Student Advising Office to ensure students have all the support necessary to succeed from application to graduation.

Industry Clients

We drive innovation and collaboration within the oceans industries. With ten specialized centres and highly qualified instructors and researchers, the Marine Institute has the facilities, expertise and capability to address any challenge you may have.

We spot opportunities on the global horizon and organize our resources, people and knowledge to help you move ahead.

MI offers such solutions as:

Industrial training courses.
Tailor-made courses.
Applied research expertise.
Specialized training and research centres.
Work term placement and career services for employers, students and graduates.
Dr. C.R. Barrett Library, one of Canada's largest marine related collections.
Conference and catering services.
Networking to jump start your relationships with government, academia and large industry.

Experience our innovative approach for yourself. Take a tour or book our facilities today.