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                                            PARKLAND COLLEGE

It is a privilege to welcome you to Parkland College. This College is a wonderful place to be and I am sure that in your time here you’ll find out what makes us so great.

As the 21st century transforms the world into a knowledge-based society, there is a growing need for individuals to be well-educated and highly skilled. These global trends challenge communities and the post-secondary institutions that serve them. With four decades of adaptability and diverse educational and training options under our belt, Parkland College serves the needs of adult learners and industry partners in East Central Saskatchewan. We are committed to creating and delivering an innovative continuum of learning to stimulate individual, community and economic growth, and to providing and celebrating quality learning and service to students.

Premier Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Plan for Growth to 2020 document released in 2012 challenges all of us to invest in people and infrastructure. The Trades and Technology Centre in Yorkton will do just that. This facility is an expansion of training to meet the high demand of industry for skilled tradespeople in East-Central Saskatchewan. After an ambitious and successful Capital Campaign and funding from the provincial government, construction got underway early in 2014. The building will be complete this May and the doors will open to students in September 2015.

Parkland College is the partner of choice for business, industry, and communities – together building and updating the skills and knowledge required for learner engagement and success. We are a learner-centered organization committed to accessibility, inclusion, and diversity. The entire Parkland team is ready to welcome you to any one of our five campuses in Melville, Yorkton, Fort Qu’Appelle, Canora, and Esterhazy.


Parkland College is a catalyst; changing lives, communities and industry – one learner at a time.


Prosperous individuals, enterprises and economies – driven by excellence at Parkland College.


The values the college reflects in its practices are:

Quality of Education
Life-long Learning

Parkland College Code of Ethics

Members of the staff of Parkland College shall carry out their professional duties, obligations, and responsibilities with integrity and conduct themselves in accordance with the college’s mission statement and with the principles of adult education. These ethical principles are not intended to replace or provide a substitute for codes of ethics applicable to specific professions.

Parkland College Staff will Adhere to the Code of Ethics Outlined Below:

Commitment to Students/Clients

To respect each student / client.
To encourage the personal and academic growth of each student / client.
To apprise students / clients of their rights, obligations, opportunities and risks.
To seek ways to better serve the needs of students / clients.
To ensure a positive learning environment.
To refrain from an intimate relationship with a student / client.
To maintain student / client confidentiality.

Commitment to Co-Workers

To conduct oneself professionally.
To act with consideration for the interests, character and reputation of co-workers.
To support and assist co-workers.
To keep the trust under which confidential information is exchanged.
To ensure a positive work environment.

Commitment to Employer

To follow all contracts as agreed until such contracts are legally terminated.
To remain focused on the duties as outlined in job descriptions.
To refrain from outside employment or influences which might impair commitment to the college.
To be responsible for quality service.
To be consistent in the application of College policies.
To practice zero tolerance of harassment as defined in the college policy.
To be aware of and involved in policy changes.
To follow all terms of the duly negotiated collective agreement.
To represent with accuracy professional qualifications, education, experience or affiliations.
To uphold the positive image of the college.

Commitment to Community

To be a good citizen.
To use facilities for purposes consistent with College policy.
To protect the educational system from exploitation.
To be aware of the negative impact of stereotyping and discrimination.
To be sensitive to diversity within the community.

Parkland College Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Parkland College is constantly evolving, repositioning to better meet the needs of its stakeholders. The next three years will see a continuation of the strategic directions that have guided us since 2007. All plans, policies and decisions will be evaluated against the following:

Strategic Direction


SD 1: Product Scope

The College continues to expand its continuum of learning services to provide a full range of adult upgrading, technical, professional and liberal education opportunities – facilitating initial training and education as well as ongoing learning enrichment and niche program development to keep our stakeholders current and competitive.

SD 2: Area of Influence

The College strives to address the educational and learning priorities of regional learners and the regional economy while expanding its market boundaries to the international level and preparing its customers for success wherever they chose to pursue employment.

SD 3: Leveraging Technology

The College is committed to adopting or developing leading edge learning technologies in support of its mission, vision and strategic directions.

SD 4: Outreach

The College will continue to provide programs and services at its campuses while expanding capacity to serve through a new expanded trades and technology campus in Yorkton and ‘on location’ in and with its partner communities, First Nation bands, and industries.

SD 5: Entrepreneurial

The College is committed to strengthening and diversifying its revenue sources – reducing dependency on government funding through expanded enterprise activity.

SD 6: Quality and Value

The College will develop its value propositions with the ultimate goal of becoming the college of choice for learners, the employer of choice for staff, and the partner of choice for communities, businesses and industry.