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                                  RED RIVER COLLEGE

About RRC

Red River College never stops growing. In size: new facilities and technology are introduced constantly. In numbers: enrolment is increasing every year. And, in reputation: our students continually excel in their jobs after graduation. 

 Manitoba’s largest institute of applied learning
 More than 30,000 enrolments
 More than 200 full-time and part-time programs
 Eight campuses in Manitoba
 Continuing and distance education
 State-of-the-art equipment and facilities
 Instructors with industrial expertise
 95% graduate employment rate
 93% graduate satisfaction rate

At RRC, we take pride in our students’ achievements because they’re the reason we’re here. Our goal is to provide the highest quality education available — leading our learners straight to employment. We strive to keep our curriculum on the cutting edge through partnerships with industry and by using state-of-the-art equipment.

Our aim is to steadily meet and exceed the job market’s evolving requirements. That’s why we employ a committed staff and faculty dedicated to ensuring each student is armed with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to succeed in today’s multi-skilled workforce.

Vision and Mission

Red River College is renowned for providing accessible, innovative, applied learning and research in an advanced environment, creating skilled graduates to drive the Manitoba economy.

The mission of RRC is to enable students to build a career, enhance quality of life, and contribute to Manitoba’s economic and social prosperity through exceptional applied education and research.


Campus Master Plan

Red River College is recognized as one of North America’s leading institutes of applied learning and research. It has a proud history of service to Manitoba, but to continue this tradition as we move through the 21st century, our Notre Dame Campus must be rejuvenated and revitalized. The College wants to enhance its support of the educational needs of Manitobans by being prepared to meet future challenges. The Campus Master Plan provides a long term vision for Red River College’s Notre Dame Campus. To achieve this vision it was necessary to develop a long-range campus framework that engaged the community, was sustainable, interactive and culturally sensitive.

Planning to Plan

In June 2011 David Rew, Vice-President of Student Services and Planning, was charged with being the Project Lead on the Campus Master Plan strategy for the Notre Dame Campus. A Campus Master Plan Steering Committee was established with members representing a cross section of administrators and academics with knowledge and expertise in their respective areas representing students, faculty and staff. The project timeframe was estimated at 12 to 18 months.

The committee worked with Sasaki Associates and Dillon Consulting providing guidance and feedback through each phase of the process. 


The Red River College Master Plan incorporates a vision of the educational needs of our students, today and into the future. Driven by the mission of the College, the learning environments we create must serve the needs of a diverse student population and at the same time be technologically accessible and sophisticated. The plan proposes building and site improvements that will enhance the learning environment for both general education and skilled trades programs, create a higher quality student and campus life experience, and improve the character and image of the campus.

The current Strategic Plan (2012-2015) recognized campus planning as a vital task and identified it as a strategic action. The College will use the plan as a roadmap to identify opportunities, both long term and short term, for the development and enhancement of facilities at the Notre Dame Campus. 

Long-term vision
Campus frameworks and sustainability
Heart of the campus
Vision for the Skilled Trades and Technology Centre and campus community