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  •  Earlier we mentioned internship is the part of their curriculum in most of the European universities. In this regard student has to expose their technical skills in the period of their internship. He/She will get valuable work experience as well as salary too. She/he may expect 800 Euros to 1600 Euros.
  •  Once the person finishes Graduation or Post Graduation. He / She may extend the visa from 6 months to 1 year.
  • Once he/she shows the job he/she can convert his visa into work permits or PR (Permanent Residential).
  • Student can travel all 27 countries and settle down any country of his choice.

Overall development with European education
Exposure to a high quality of education along with scientific, sports, physical, religious, spiritual, sexual and many other categories contributes to overall development with European education. In Europe you get a chance to meet mates from various parts of the world and develop better human relations and a mutual understanding. So we have in Europe minds from different parts of the world who can easily tackle any problem.

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It is of utmost importance that any student who wishes to pursue higher education in Europe must have a sponsor for his/her student visa. Different universities have different requirements for visa application and offer stay limits to foreign students, so each point in the admission brochure must be adhered to as foreign admission for education in Europe is not such a simple process. Avis Worldwide is a specialist in European admissions.

  •  Getting of admissions in European countries is very difficult as compared to getting visa. The simple reason behind this is that they had a limited number of seats in public universities(max.30 seats), 50 % of locals and 50% of internationals for the international students having only 15 seats.

 If the student has been selected for any scholarships or fellowships there is no need to show any financial documents to the embassy. If student does not get fellowship or scholarship then he has to show the cost of living expenditures.

  • Students can show living expenditures in the form of educational bank loans or savings account or sponsorship.

 Some of the European countries is not mandatory TOEFL, IELTS and some of them are having it mandatory.