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                             UNIVERSITY OF FRASER VALLEY

Welcome to UFV 

Located in the beautiful Fraser Valley just east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) is a fully accredited, public university that enrolls approximately 15,000 students per year. UFV has campuses and locations in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Hope and Agassiz, and a growing presence in Chandigarh, India.

UFV strives to be a place of learning that recognizes, respects and includes indigenous ways of knowing. Our Fraser Valley locations are in the traditional territory of the Stó:lō peoples.

One of Canada's best universities

UFV is recognized nationally for student success, an excellent learning environment, creative integration of programming, and our work with local communities. 

What we offer

UFV is large enough to offer variety, and yet our small class sizes allow students to get to know their instructors and learn in a hands-on environment. We offer more than 100 programs, including two master’s degrees, 15 bachelor’s degrees, majors, minors, and extended minors in more than 30 subject areas, and more than a dozen trades and technology programs. Our admission policies are flexible, and students can learn in a variety of ways: full-time, part-time, in-class, online, as part of a structured program or one tailored completely to their interests.

Many of our programs ladder into one another, allowing students to earn a one-year certificate and/or a two-year diploma on the way to completing a full degree. Others offer a co-operative education option, where students can combine study with professional, paid work experience. Our emphasis on applied research offers many opportunities for student researchers. Our thriving international programming makes for a culturally diverse student community and great opportunities to study abroad. Our continuing studies and academic upgrading offerings make learning a lifelong experience. Many clubs, events, and activities enhance student life on campus and our award-winning Cascades athletics teams are highly competitive. 

Changing Lives, Building Community

It is UFV’s vision to provide the best undergraduate education in Canada and to be a leader of the social, cultural, economic and environmentally-responsible development of the Fraser Valley. UFV will measure its success by the successes of its graduates and the successful development of the communities they serve. In achieving its goals, UFV has committed to being innovative, entrepreneurial and accountable.

The University of the Fraser Valley, as established by the University Act of British Columbia, is mandated to serve the post-secondary educational needs of its region. Specifically, UFV provides post-secondary academic, trade, technical, career and adult basic education programs that lead to certificates, diplomas, and degrees, at both the undergraduate and master’s level. Faculty and staff are also engaged in foundational and applied research and other scholarly activities that support its program areas and the development of the Fraser Valley.

Paramount priority is placed on students and their learning needs and goals. UFV is committed to excellence in post-secondary education through programs that serve the diverse needs of the Fraser Valley region. We view education as an ongoing process essential for both career progress and actualizing human potential. We make the university accessible to students with diverse backgrounds and goals, while rewarding academic success and maintaining high standards. We value and treat students as mature individuals, and encourage intellectual, cultural, creative, ethical and social development in order to prepare our graduates for their roles as productive citizens of an increasingly complex and pluralistic society. We place a high value on environmental, social and economic sustainability in all our endeavours.

The University of the Fraser Valley will:

1.     provide the best undergraduate education in Canada;

2.     be a leader of social, cultural, economic, and environmentally-responsible development in the Fraser Valley; and

3.     be innovative, entrepreneurial, and accountable in achieving our goals

1. To provide the best undergraduate education in Canada

A. The University will offer degree, diploma, certificate, and apprenticeship programs that:

provide accessible and challenging learning experiences that instill a passion for learning and develop the lifelong capacity to learn;
provide the knowledge and foster the development of the critical-thinking, leadership, and practical skills that students require for employment, entrepreneurship, further education, and responsible citizenship— locally and globally;
use the best pedagogical practices, informed by a commitment to current research and scholarship; and
engage students actively in their education through a high level of interaction with faculty members and opportunities for practical experience, research, problem-solving, and creative work.

B. The University will provide services for students that:

enable their successful transition into the University;
enable successful progress toward their educational goals;
guide career selection and transition to employment; and
build life-long relationships with the University.

C. The University will provide an environment that:

is inclusive, welcoming, and engaging for all;
embraces diversity, supports cross-cultural exchange, and promotes the respectful debate of ideas and views;
involves students in governance and decision-making; and
offers vibrant campus experiences supporting social, intellectual, and personal development.

2. To be a leader of social, cultural, economic, and environmentally-responsible development in the Fraser Valley

The University will:

promote opportunities for dialogue and intellectual development;
establish formal relationships with the Fraser Valley communities that ensure mutual understanding of the goals and priorities of each and promote and support collaboration on common goals;
partner with the community in cultivating international awareness and understanding, bringing the world to the Fraser Valley and the Fraser Valley to the world;
give priority to research and scholarship that benefit the economic, social, and cultural development of the Fraser Valley;
give priority to educational programs, co-op placements, practica, and service learning opportunities for students that benefit the citizens of the Fraser Valley;
partner with members of the community to ensure socially and environmentally-responsible economic development;
establish university extension services and continuing education that promote and support the economic, social, and cultural development of the Fraser Valley;
collaborate with K-12 education providers in the Valley to promote increased participation in post-secondary education, successful transition to the University, and the delivery of adult basic education;
partner with the Aboriginal leadership in the Fraser Valley to address the unique educational needs of Aboriginal students and their communities;
collaborate with members of the community to develop vibrant, engaging cultural programs; and
partner with members of the community to promote innovative business and industry development in the Valley that builds on and supports the educational, research, and service strengths of the University.

3. To be innovative, entrepreneurial, and accountable in achieving our goals

The University will:

ensure that all decision-making is evidence-based, transparent, and accountable;
regularly review all education, research, administrative, and service functions to ensure they are consistent with the goals of the University, best practices, and responsible stewardship of resources;
establish educational, research, service, and human resource plans with measurable targets that recognize and respect the financial limitations and serve the goals of the University;
establish best practices for the recruitment and support of the career development of all employees;
promote widespread participation in decision-making and governance consistent with legislation and best collegial practices;
adopt innovative and environmentally-responsible practices of stewardship of the University’s lands and other resources;
pursue revenue-generating opportunities that provide the financial support needed to fulfill the goals of the University while respecting its values and integrity;
foster a culture of philanthropy; and
recognize, celebrate, and publicize our successes


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