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                                  WINNIPEG TECHNICAL COLLEGE

Winnipeg Technical College

General Offerings

Certificate Program
Technical/Vocational Program
ESL Program
Senior Years

Key Information

Location: Winnipeg Technical College is a public institution with three campuses.  The main administrative office is located at the Henlow Campus, located in the south end of Winnipeg, near the University of Manitoba. Admissions information is available at all campuses.
Accommodation Options: Private Housing (students must arrange own accommodations).
Health Insurance Requirement: None (students are responsible for arranging their own health coverage)
Student Population: The College has a student population of approximately 800, including 65 international students. Through its core programs, English as an Additional Language classes, and Enterprise Services training programs for business and industry students, the College serves over 2000 students each year.
Study Periods: Classes run from September to June, with multiple start dates in most programs. Please see the College website for additional information.

Institutional Profile

Winnipeg Technical College delivers hands-on, applied technical and vocational training for careers in Health Care and Human Services, Information and Business Technology, and Skilled Trades.

We provide an opportunity to develop yourself intellectually, socially and emotionally as you learn to succeed. Our programs are designed to assist you by responding to each person’s interests and level of development. This is accomplished by our commitment to competency-based instruction which readily responds to the changing needs of individual learners.

By attending classes at WTC, you will be part of a community to that values you as a person worthy of respect. In fact, you will join people from all walks of life whose goals may be unique, but who share a common interest in making a positive change in their lives.

The excellence of WTC comes not only from our outstanding staff but also from the continuous development of our programs. Each of our programs has an Advisory Committee consisting of community, industry and former students that provide suggestions for program enhancement.

WTC is more than a technical training institute. It is an exciting place, filled with energy, where learning becomes fun! You will share experiences with students of all ages and through this gain new perspectives and lifelong friendships.



Accessibility Services for secondary students are initiated through the home high school.


Advocates with post-secondary learners for equal opportunity to succeed in their educational goals
Are available to all post-secondary learners who present a documented disability
Will work with the learner and their sponsoring agency (if applicable) to identify and coordinate known available resources in support of services/accommodations required
Eligibility is determined within the Institute’s designated available resources in conjunction with any known outside available resources

The Education Plan must receive the approval of the Accessibility Services Coordinator or designate.

Accessibility Services Request Procedure

To access Accessibility Services:

The applicant will follow the regular Application/Admission process
Sponsoring agencies working with an applicant requiring accessibility services/accommodations will coordinate the application process with the Accessibility Services Coordinator
An assessment meeting will be initiated by the Accessibility Services Coordinator or designate to determine eligibility for services/ accommodations
An Education Plan will be developed for the eligible learner